Meet Pranjal Patil- India’s first visually challenged woman IAS officer, let’s praise her

“Don’t give up. Keep trying.” This is Pranjal Patil’s success mantra.

“You will get that one break that you require”, says Pranjal Patil. She was earlier rejected by IRAS, but today, she is a sub-collector!

Her journey was more tough and challenging as she has become India’s first visually-challenged woman IAS officer.

“Never be defeated, Never give up,” she said as she took charge as the Sub Collector of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, on October 14.

Patil was recruited as Ernakulam Assistant Collector during her training period.

A massive reception was arranged to welcome the 30-year old Kerala cadre officer as she took over from former collector B Gopalakrishnan.

“I am feeling extremely glad and proud after taking this charge. As I start working, I will be able to know more about the district and would plan better for it. I expect support and cooperation from my fellow members and people of Trivandrum,” Patil said while speaking to the media.

She lost her vision in one eye at the age of six when a student in her class stabbed a pencil into it. In the next year, she lost her vision completely.

Railway Services department didn’t offer her a job because of the reason that she was completely blind. The Railways who have their own set of rules claimed that someone who is visually challenged is ineligible for the job.

However, the disability didn’t stop her dreaming big in life. Her attitude was so strong that she never came up with excuses as she still prepared with grit and determination to clear IAS exam. She did her graduation in political science with a master’s in International relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Patil was ranked 733 in civil services in her first attempt in 2016 and she made giant strides in her result as she was ranked 124 next year.

She developed a habit of reading through her fingers to grasp knowledge. The fact that she came across a software that would help her to listen word by word and make things simpler. From what we can come to a point is that she had the patience when she went about her business. Ever since her childhood, she was very specific about choosing her career.

When asked about how she cracked the exam, She told about how she got into the scheme of preparations. Having developed the art of reading, she said she loves to read and the syllabus excites her to the core. She stood by her own leg to accomplish the goal.

Ambitious people never give up on dreams, come what may. In a competitive world, where people sweat it out to give absolutely everything to crack the exam, only very few have touched the pinnacle of success and Pranjal Patil is an inspiration to all. The Youth Salutes Pranjal Patil and wishes good luck for her future endeavours!

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.