Story of an elderly man- who has planted several trees in the last 5 decades

There is a saying that ‘if we find comfort in the shade today it’s because of that anonymous person who planted a tree a long time ago’. Thanks to Ranaram Bishnoi from Jodhpur who has been selflessly planting trees to protect the environment.

Trees are the best living creatures on the planet because it gives the necessary oxygen to the humans, animals and other living species. To emphasize the importance of trees, in particular, they are selfless creatures that don’t ask anything in return barring the plethora supply of water.

Credits: Twitter

With a steady decline of trees due to the infamous deforestation activities, the planet is losing its core part of trees. Without trees, life on earth is unimaginable and planting trees should be our main motive.

While we talk about the importance of planting trees, climate change, there are people like Ranaram Bishnoi who has been planting trees for 5 decades.

IFS Parveen Kaswan wrote on Twitter: ‘Meet Ranaram Bishnoi from #Jodhpur, at the age of 75 he is on a mission to plant trees around the village. He is doing it from last 50 years and has planted 27,000 trees till now. He not only plant them but also provide water and take care of them. All on his own’.

Ranaram is known as ‘ahhu’ (tree-man) by the citizens in his area.

As per the reports, he walks 3 km to reach the dune, where he takes care of trees, from his house itself. So far, he has planted a wide variety of trees including, Neem, Rohida, Fig, Khejri, Kankeri, Babool and Bougainvillea etc.