Mumbai Dog dies after being allegedly gang-raped by 4 Men

A dog is the only living being that loves you more than it loves itself. A dog is the most loyal animal, especially to human beings. They don’t talk but they understand people completely based on body language and their behaviours.

Just feed a dog once! It remembers you for the rest of its life.

On the dark side, some human beings are treating dogs properly. In a shocking incident, four men allegedly stooped to their low and brutalised and then gang-raped a male dog in Malwani area of Malad West in Mumbai.

An animal welfare non-governmental organisation that goes by the name of ‘Animals Matter To Me’ (AMTM) which had taken the injured dog to the veterinarian doctor and cared for the dog, said that dog had succumbed to his injuries on the same day itself.

As per Deccan Chronicle, the dog was last seen in the Malwani Church area after which went missing for a day. The dog was finally found the next day, profusely bleeding and mutilated genitalia.

A woman who lives nearby tried to offer food to the dog. But she noticed that the dog started yelling and would not let anyone touch or come closer to him.

An auto driver in the neighbourhood told the lady that he was alerted by the loud cries of the dog and notified that his front legs were tied and mouth gagged while the canine was being sexually tortured to the core. But, those idiotic culprits fled the location once the auto driver arrived.

Reportedly, animal cruelty case against four unknown men has been lodged by the Malwani police and NGO claims that the canine was sexually tortured.

Dr Ankita Pathak, founder of AMTM told the daily, “Its private parts are mutilated in such a way that it could not happen unless someone forcibly harmed it. It appears that someone tried to fold its hind legs near the pelvis.”

While so many efforts were taken to stabilise the dog’s condition, it died due to immense pain. His body has been sent for postmortem examination.