Employees kidnap and torture their Boss, for not paying their salary for three months

An employee of a company must be ready to take on challenges, insults and pressures and above all, s/he has to attend office regularly to complete the required tasks on time. Not all the workers get holidays on weekends. They work hard day and night only to feed their families. But after all sweat, hard work and dedication, if the boss doesn’t pay salary on time, how does it really feel?

In a bizarre turn of events in Bengaluru, the company’s boss did not even pay the salaries to his employees for three months. In vengeance, a group of employees took an extreme step as they kidnapped their boss and tortured him.

As per a TOI report, Sujay SK, a 23-year-old resident of Cambridge Layout in Ulsoor, was actually running a startup which ran through losses and as a result, he was forced to shut it down.

In order to recover their dues from Sujay, 4 of the 7 workers kidnapped him twice and even threatened him to pay the wages. In an unexpected incident, Sujay was taken by his 7 employees to a farmhouse in Maddur where he was ‘locked up’ and ‘tortured’ for hours.

It was only after reassuring payment for the employees, Boss Sujay was let go and on March 27 he attempted to commit suicide by consuming ‘rat poison’. But his friends and family rushed him to the nearby local hospital. The police quickly reached the hospital to get his statement.

Four of the seven accused were arrested after a report was filed at the Halasuru police station. Further investigations are going on and three of the seven accused are yet to be arrested.

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