Build mosque in name of APJ Kalam, We will support- Not in name of terrorists like Babar in India

A saint in Ayodhya says he is interested to make land available for a mosque only if it is named after Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The saint hails APJ Abdul Kalam as a patriot and he welcomes Supreme Court’s referral of Ayodhya case to mediators. Ayodhya which is located in Uttar Pradesh is the city millions of Hindus admire as the birthplace of Lord Ram.

He made a statement pretty clear that to “Build a mosque in Dr Abdul Kalam’s name but not a terrorist like Babar”

Picture Source: India Today

In the year 2010, the Allahabad High Court ruled that the former site of the “Babri Masjid” should be partitioned into three parts. The decision was also challenged in the Supreme Court.

Now, the top court mentioned the dispute to a panel of mediators chaired by one of its former judges.

The saint who said he would give land for “Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Masjid” told India Today TV’s Shivendra Srivastava that he welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision. This means that the mediation panel will start work in a week.

Proceedings will be strictly private and closed to the media.