Say No To Cancer As Scientists Finally develop a ‘Cure for Cancer’

In medical advancements in today’s world, cancer can be curable and thanks to Israel scientists. A study finds that cancer, a deadly disease wipes out millions of people around the world every year. Finally, scientists found out how to cure cancer in the best way.

A small team of Israeli scientists claimed to have developed a 100% cancer cure like never before, which they looking forward to delivering it for cancer patients by early next year.

Credits: Reuters

This medical breakthrough will help cancer patients restore life back to normal stage. The revolutionary cancer cure treatment called ‘MuTaTo‘ is developed by Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBi).

For your information, MuTaTo stands for multi-target-toxin and it reportedly uses a blend of cancer-targeting peptides and a unique toxin that only targets and ends cancer cells, leaving the healthy cells alone and tissue in the process.

Dr Morad, CEO of AEBi claims that MuTaTo will succeed where other cancer treatments will fail, which is why MuTaTo is different from existing cancer treatments. “Not even cancer can mutate three receptors at the same time,” claims Dr Morad, in a report.

The Israeli scientists who effectively developed the cancer treatment drug claim ‘MuTaTo’ can also reduce the side-effects of the majority of the cancer treatments.

It has been said that after many successful mice trials, Dr Morad claims they are now fast-tracking ‘MuTaTo’ to perform human trials through this year. He’s confident MuTaTo will perform as expected in humans also and be a 100% effective cancer cure which is coming By 2020.

(With inputs from IndiaTimes)

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