GoAir instructed to pay Rs 1 lakh to Man for cancelling his 25 tickets, catch full news

The Consumer Forum has told GoAir to refund the amount to a passenger for cancelling 25 flight tickets ‘without any reason’ at all. The passenger identified as Jayesh Pandya booked 25 tickets on a GoAir flight in the year 2015 for his relatives from Ahmedabad so that they would attend his daughter’s wedding.

“I had made the wedding pooja arrangements based on the flight timings. In January 2015, I contacted the airlines to submit the passengers’ names. They, then, informed me the flight was cancelled. They offered no reasons,” frustrated passenger, Pandya told the forum.

Credits: Twitter

He then bought tickets for 24 passengers on another airline which was worth Rs 88,816. In February 2015, Pandya wrote to GoAir twice, seeking a refund for his expenses.

In Pandya’s response, they gave him a Rs 3,000 voucher and notified him the refund was being processed and following which, he did not hear any further response from GoAir. Knowing this, Pandya then registered an RTI query and went to the Consumer Forum.

Interestingly, the airline claimed that it contacted Pandya via email about the cancellation, but they did not produce any evidence in the court. The consumer forum then directed GoAir to refund Pandya Rs 50,000 for the tickets as well as Rs 38,816 for the surplus amount Pandya paid for Vistara airlines and Rs 10,000 as additional reimbursement.

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