Govt spends thousands of crores on statues, sadly 1 lakh soldiers are denied salary hike

We have more respect for our Indian soldiers who guard the nation like a ‘shield’ in the Line Of Control. They go sleepless for days, climbs the mountain and terrain just to make sure that there is no infiltration in the region. There is no bigger thing in the world than sacrificing your own life for the nation Had it not been for brave soldiers, this nation wouldn’t have survived all the calamities.

It’s because of them, our country is maintaining its status quo loud and proud. Terrorists are making every possible attempt to break the peace of the nation and on the contrary, our brave army officers go sleepless nights to neutralise the enemies.

Credits: PTI Photo


They are giving absolutely everything without even caring for their lives and what they want in return is just financial security for their families, which would make them happy. But it seems that the government pays no attention to their needs.

Another time, the government has ignored their ‘long-standing demand’ for higher Military Service Pay (MSP) for around 1 lakh personnel, as well as Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO’s), military sources said.

As per the reports, the Army is annoyed over the decision by the Finance Ministry, and will seek its review. It has been said that around one lakh service personnel including 87,646 JCOs and 25,434 personnel from the Navy and the Indian Air Force will be badly affected by the decision.

“The proposal for higher MSP for JCOs and equivalent rank of the Navy and IAF has been rejected by the Finance Ministry,” said told PTI. As of now, the MSP has two categories namely- one for officers and another for JCOs and jawans.

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