Meet 14-yr-old university professor- he teaches Maths to much older students

Everyone in today’s world would expect that a typical 14-year-old boy is preoccupied with his own routine such as academics and sports. At an age when the majority of his friends or classmates spend their time watching cartoons, movies, play games, Yasha Asley is busy teaching at the University of Leicester while pursuing his own degree.

Highly regarded as the human calculator, he has a wide range of knowledge in mathematics and he is the world’s youngest professor. Yes, you read it right! This sums up the essential Yasha Asley for you! The Iranian descent has carved out a reputation for himself as one of the best professors in enriching students’ minds.

Credits: Your Story

Yasha has proved himself that age is just a number. Every day, his father, identified as Moussa Asley drops him at the university. As a father, he is blissfully pleased and proud of his son’s accomplishments. He emphasised that his son has a deep interest in mathematics. Understanding his son’s spectrum of knowledge and potential, he approached the university.

It was only at the age of 13, Yasha was contacted by the Leicester University. Upon interviewing him, the panel was shell-shocked at the wide range of his knowledge. Much to his lofty standards of potential and sharpness, he has then been recruited a professor at the university. His father is pleased to see his son turning the chapters of kids who are older than himself.

Yasha also aims to complete his degree first and then pursue his PhD. The bright prospect joined as a guest professor at the University at such a tender age. Yasha added that more than getting a job, it is more important for him to contribute to the expansion of his students’ knowledge that gives him immense satisfaction.

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