Viral: Indian Army builds 40-foot bridge made from fallen trees in flood-hit Kerala

It has been a tough time for Kerala citizens as they are going through their worst flood disaster since 1924. Heavy showers kept continuing for days and in the process, waterlogging paralysed normal life. The severe effects of monsoon were witnessed when 40 people died due to the flash flood.

Not just that over 20,000 houses were damaged and the state experienced a total loss of Rs. 8,316 crore. Nearly 10,000 km of the state roads have also been damaged due to this flash flood.

Credits: India Today

Due to this natural disaster, people got affected very badly. One such district that got badly affected due to the flash flood and landslide was Idukki. However, the state saw real heroes emerge as saviours for the victims. Credits to the Indian army for showing an extraordinary tale of bravery once again.

Without even caring for their own life, they sprung into action to give a helping hand to the sufferers. Without sleeping, the army stepped forward to evacuate the unfortunate ones from isolated places, constructing temporary bridges, repairing and clearing roads on the outskirts of Kerala. This sums up the essential Indian army for you!

Army’s Engineer Task Force came up with a decisive plan to build a long bridge so that people can easily go to the other side safely, so a 40-foot bridge was built in Malappuram district and personnel used available things to good effect and bolstered the bridge which was severely hit by flood water.

In another scenario, the Army constructed a makeshift bridge using fallen trees in Wayanad to rescue as many as 800 stranded people.

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