Can India qualify for the next World Cup? Our Boys are easily beating Big teams

We often talk about cricket and praise the stars but at the same time, we fail to do the same when it comes to other sports. Among all the sports, representing India with tons of pride is the common equation but why don’t the media give equal importance to other sports as well?

What is it like to be a football fan in India? Ask the passionate fans, they would say, they had gone through a barrage of emotions, an unmatched feeling that cannot be expressed it in words. We witnessed Indian football players making a steep bounce in their performances. The Indian football team is on fire at the moment.

Credits: Sportskeeda

This is what the hope feels like when India U16 team defeated the current U16 Asian Champions, Iraq and then the U20 team trounced Argentina 2-1 in the COTIF Cup 2018 finals. Argentina is the most successful team in FIFA U20 World Cup history as they won 6 times but the 10-men Indian team showed sheer brilliance on the pitch and deserved to steal the spotlight for the way they played. What a proud moment for India!

This is a guaranteed sign that India’s sporting future is in safe hands. Feel proud to share this. Our Indian athletes will do even better. We need to back them at any cost.

You don’t always need a world-class team to outsmart the opponent. Sometimes, you need better tactics to pull off the ropes from the jaws of the defeat. Anything is possible in the roller-coaster ride of the game.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.