Salute this Boy- He wrote all his exams holding the pen in his mouth

Nothing is impossible and in fact, the word itself says, I’m possible. This phrase completely complies with Tuhin Dey’s principles. The 17-year-old Tuhin Dey is a wheelchair-bound genius. He is something extraordinary, you can say he is one of a kind. He thinks out of the box and going by this progress at a brisk pace, he is certain to go places in the years to come. He believes that he has all the ingredients to become the next Stephen Hawking.

Tuhin Dey is affected by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) which is a motor neurone disease that has restricted the mobility of joints. Despite being wheelchair-bound, Tuhin Dey’s persistence to touch the pinnacle of success remains strong. He hails from West Midnapore district of West Bengal. He marked his presence for 10th board exams without other’s guidance or assistance. That sums up the essential Tuhin Dey for you.

Credits: Yourstory

Tuhin’s dream is to get into IIT and he wants to become a cosmologist, just like his inspiration Stephen Hawking. Just stand up clap Tuhin Dey, if you are reading this. Do you know how Tuhin Dey wrote all his exams? Nobody wrote but only him! He uses his mouth to hold the pen and he managed to get the balance right and hence he was able to hold the pen and write the exams. Just wow! You need to discover new words to praise this guy.

This guy uses his chin to operate the laptop. Apart from being wheelchair bound, he is also forced to depend on a computerised voice system for communication purpose. All these problems didn’t stop him from reaching his goal. The boy is eager to announce his arrival in the world of science like his idol, Stephen Hawking.

Tuhin’s mother Sujata Dey in an interview with HT was quoted saying, “He wants to make a big name for himself in science”. She informs how Tuhin is affected by arthrogryposis multiplex congenital (AMC), a disorder that develops during a woman’s pregnancy and reduces the mobility of joints of the baby’s hands and legs. “Since his birth in 1999, Tuhin has undergone more than 20 surgeries. But that did not deter this boy from studies,” adds Sujata.

Doctors declared Tuhin Dey as “90 per cent handicapped” and further added that Turan’s condition is incurable. According to Tuhin’s mother, Turin is an “extraordinary” student who is extremely hard-working. The boy with copious zest to achieve great had already begun his ideal preparations for the entrance exams in a bid to get into reputable IITs. “I want to get into IIT and become like him one day,” he said.

Tuhin Dey consistently garnered more than 90 per cent marks till Class 9 and continued his rich vein of studying form as he secured 88% in 10th CBSE Board exam. “Since Tuhin did not participate in the co-curricular activities due to his disability, his school could send only B2 Grade to board due to which his overall percentage fell down,” she added.

“Tuhin wrote his Class 10 exam without the help of a writer or using extra time given to students with disabilities. He is taking coaching for IIT-JEE at the Allen Career Institute in Kota and has been awarded twice for his sheer talent.

He was also awarded the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement in 2012 and Best Creative Child Award with Disabilities in 2013 from President Pranab Mukherjee. Since his birth in 1999, Tuhin has undergone more than 20 surgeries. But that did not deter this boy from studies,” she added.

Going to school and attending the class 10 examination was indeed a tough time stint for Tuhin, who is 90 percent disabled. The school is located 14 km away from their home and Tuhin’s parents carried him there on his father’s motorcycle. His father named Samiran Dey empathises with real estate business whereas his mother left her government job to take care of her son.

Tuhin is currently taking coaching for IIT-JEE at Allen Career Institute in Kota, has been awarded twice for his exceptional talent. Tuhin’s parents are staying in Kota for the next 2 years as their son is sincerely preparing for IIT entrances. The Youth wishes the boy good luck for the future endeavours.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.