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The word ‘Expensive’ has a rich meaning to it. When you are looking for a quality, smart built-in phone, every possible feature that the phone possesses meaty volumes. The one who owns an expensive phone has a great history behind it. One of the conditions is that the buyer must have climbed ladders from rags to riches to afford this gem of a phone.

From having a limited number of options in the handheld device to an advanced crafty piece of the prototype with lofty standards of modern technology, the smartphone is the most sought-after device in contemporary world which almost every human on earth owns. It is designed and built in such a way that it is portable for the users.

Gone are the days, when people used a button interface to perform the basic functions to access their phones. But now, the touchscreen has come to change the trend set. This goes to show how the technology has attained its vast growth exponentially with increase in years.

Let’s take a glimpse of Top 10 Expensive Phones in the modern world. There are the ones which are owned by CEO’s, President and the most influential persons in the world as the gadgets are specially built for them.

#10. Vertu Signature Diamond:

Credits: Any Phones

Vertu Signature Diamond stands tenth in the list of world’s most expensive phone. This phone looks handy and super cool which was launched in the year 2005. What really adds weight to this phone is the fact that it is plated with 200 gorgeous precious diamonds. It weighs 166 grams and it is priced at INR 56,47,000

#9. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot.

Credits: Any Phones

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot comes ninth in the list of the most expensive phone in the world. This clearly looks like an ordinary model and what really presses the case is that the phone itself is made of 22 Karat sheer gold and it’s worth the weight in gold that weighs 120 grams.

This phone shot into prominence in 2010 which costs INR 65,07,000. As far as specifications are concerned, it has already bowled out of today’s competition. It comes with 30 MB built-in memory which is tipped to be a 2-megapixel camera. The phone’s back panel is made of African Backwoods that is more than 200 years old.

#8. Diamond Crypto Smartphone.


Diamond Crypto Smartphone is the eighth expensive phone in the world. It is made of white gold that is a silver-coloured alloy of gold with either nickel, platinum or other metal. In addition to that, it has precious diamonds in it also.

It has a 2.2-inch display and the storage boasts 64 mb. It was launched in the year 2006. Its cost in India is INR 834,28,000. What really presses the case is the fact that it is covered by 58 white costly diamonds. It also boasts a typical technology that helps prevent the device from theft.

#7. iPhone Princess Plus


iPhone Princess Plus is the seventh most expensive smartphone in the world. It boasts a pretty good internal storage of 32 GB which flaunts off a 4.3-inch display tipped to be priced at INR 11,06,2750 which weights up to 166 gms. This superb phone has 318 diamonds plated on it.

#6. Black Diamond Vipin


Black Diamond Vipin is the sixth most expensive smartphone in the world. This looks quite similar to Sony Ericson as it’s like a flip-type model. This looks handy and impressive throughout ranging from design to its overall appearance. This phone has the best features compared to other phones.

With lot more features like Wifi, camera, SD card slot, it is indeed the best in class which was made in Singapore. This phone is decorated with two Diamonds in the phone body, and second, comes the Navigation buttons.This is the best Windows Phone that is powered by 400 MHz processor and 166 Grams in weight.

#5. Vertu Signature Cobra


Vertu Signature Cobra is the fifth most expensive smartphone in the world. This phone looks like a different one altogether. With a snake design so-called the mighty King Cobra on it, it adds more value to the phone. It weighs 166 gm. Vertu Signature is made of 22 karat Gold.

It’s price in India is Rs. 324,80,250. With 4GB memory and 2 inches, it was announced in October 2008.

#4. Goldvish Le Million


Goldvish Le Million is the fourth expensive phone in the world. It costs INR. 846,36,000. By its impressive rich appearance, it was the most expensive phones in France September 2006. Since then some phones dethroned this phones’ position to climb ladders to get on top.

Gold Vish Le million Made by 18karat White Gold & 20 karats white Diamonds in what is a blend of two precious ornaments. It has a 3.5-inch display with just 2GB memory and weighs 198 Gms.

#3. Kings Button iPhone 3G


Kings Button iPhone 3G is the third most expensive phone in the world. The smartphone Screen flaunts a good display 3.5″ inches and it comes with a good screen protection spicing a Corning Gorilla Glass oleophobic coating. The Smartphone resolution is tipped to be 320 × 480 pixels.
It costs INR. 162,687,440.

King’s button phone Body covered with 138 precious Diamonds and Navigation home button made With 6.6 karats dazzling white Diamond. The battery capacity is non-removable. It has a total talk time up to 12 h (2g) and (3g) 5 h standby up to 300 h (3g).

#2. Gold Sticker iPhone 3G


Gold Sticker iPhone 3G is the second most expensive phone in the world. The second-placed phone was launched in the year 2009 with an important 3G facility. By taking recent technology into effect, 4G has already come to put 3G at the corner.

The device flaunts a good display of 3.5 inches with 320 By 480 pixels screen resolution. It comes up with the screen protection spicing up the Corning Gorilla Glass Oleophobic Coating. The cost is INR. 208,239,923. It boasts a 3 MP.

The corners of the device is fully covered by Diamond, The phone makes extra expensive with there is 136 Diamonds 271 grams weight. It’s made of Pure 22 karat Kashmir Gold. Phone navigation Home button made with 7.1 karat Diamond,

#1. Diamond Rose iPhone 32 GB


The Diamond Rose iPhone stands first in the list of world’s most expensive phone in 2017. In general, ‘i phone’ is known for its sheer class and rich appearance. It is the most sought after phone in the modern world. This is too expensive because the phone made through very precious diamonds.

The Diamond Rose iPhone boasts 32 GB made by Apple Company. In fact, this phone has instilled the rich flavour in its look as it has 500 pink colour diamonds impregnated on it. This goes to show how expensive the mobile is.

Every phone us identified by its logo. For this phone, it is no doubt that it is Apple. Diamond rose Back cover has a small Apple icon, made of “53” precious Diamonds. The front navigation button is also done with precious diamonds.

The Diamond Rose iPhone was designed by Stuart Hughes with his pair of hands. What really adds spice to the flavour is the fact that he decorated this phone with 500 pink colour Diamonds. This smartphone starting price is INR. 52,19,01,000.

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