Chaos in United States continues, Another Indian shot dead in South Carolina

The “Donald Trump” era of United States politics has been a sign of a major threat for the immigrants since the time of his campaigning. From the time he came to power, he’s pretty much materializing every word that he’s said prior to the elections.

Life for immigrants who have settled in United States for a long time are finding it difficult and difficult to stay there considering the chaos that the Trump ideology of Nationalism has created. On Thursday night, a week after the murder of an Indian teenager, another Indian was found shot dead in South Carolina.

Harnish Patel, who runs a general store in Lancaster, South Carolina, was found dead with marks of bullets on his body at 11.24 pm, shortly after he had closed his shop and was on his way back home.

Picture Source: Twitter/@GSuskinWSOC9

“Who would do anything like this to him, as good as he is to everybody,” Nicole Jones, a frequent customer at Patel’s store, told WBTV. Jones and other friends said Patel was not always worried about the bottom line of his business. “If you didn’t have the money, he’d let people have food,” Jones said.


Mario Sadler, another customer and friend, said Patel had offered him jobs before, and did anything he could to help out in tough times. “He’s watched my kids grow up, which is why it’s painful. From day one he’s been amazing, just awesome, and I just don’t understand the sense behind it,” Sadler said.

Friday morning, there was a board in front of his store which read “Store closed for few days because of family emergency. Sorry for the inconvenience.” This indeed is really saddening and this is the third time an Indian has lost his life in USA in 2017.

The entire team of “The Youth India” offer our sincerest condolences to the family of the deceased.

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