He used to drink dirty water to quench thirst, now owner of multi-milliona firms

It’s always a blissful feeling to listen to such stories where people go from “He/She’s nothing” to singing a person’s praises. But such things don’t happen if there is any shortage of courage, perseverance, hope and self-belief. There’s no less drama in another person’s life and more the time you spend on repenting, you suffer all the more in the time to come.

Picture Source: Global Indian

Dr. Kumar Bahuleyan, a name many are oblivious to. From living a horrible childhood where his family had to literally slog their way through everyday to becoming one of the most decorated and renowned neurosurgeons in the country, Dr. Bahuleyan had traveled a pretty long distance.

Life was nothing short of a barren field for Dr. Bahuleyan, who was born into a marginalized, deeply poor family in Chemmanakary village of Kottayam district, Kerala. Being a part of a so called “lower caste”, Dr. Bahuleyan and the rest of his family members were denied many basic needs of good quality.

He also had to suffer few heartbreaks at a tender age when he saw two of his brothers and one sister lose their life as their family always drank water from the sewers. Contaminated water brought an end to three innocent lives, by virtue of taking birth in a marginalized family. His father worked as a labor in many places, so quite obviously the employment was always uncertain.


Odds never favored, health conditions in their family were fragile, life seemed of no worth for a major time but his enthusiasm and will to study and become a doctor helped him attain great heights. Things really started to change for Dr Bahuleyan when a headmaster from a school started teaching him without taking any fee after his father had requested the latter.

He had to travel a long way from his home to the place where had to study, but nothing happening with him demoralized the spirit and he kept going on and on and on. A medical science government scholarship provided him the financial bucks to travel to Scotland for better education and from there, he went to Canada and the United States of America to pursue experience by working under neurosurgeons in Buffalo University.

His hard work paid off and finally, his torturous memories of childhood paved way for something good. A Rolls Royce, a Private Get, a humongous house, these are things everyone dream off and Dr. Bahuleyan was a proud owner of all these luxurious.

Yet, he never forgot where he came from and after seeing that the country has not changed one bit after he had returned to his hometown for the first time in many years, Dr Bahuleyan decided to build a 200-bed hospital, built septic tanks for 3000 toilets and alongside his wife Dr Indira Kartha, he spends half an year here and the rest in United States.

He also pledged to donate all his career earnings of approximately Rs 130 Crore for charitable trusts. Dr. Bahuleyan definitely stands as an inspiration for many who aspire to attain great heights in life, but don’t have enough financial or mental support from the surroundings.

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