As per Greek City Times Turkey has been an integral part of the warfare to aid Pakistan in its disinformation campaign against India.

In a major embarrassment for Pakistan, Sri Lanka has cancelled Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the Sri Lankan Parliament that

Children in Pakistan are experiencing sexual abuse at the hands of strangers and so-called “loved” ones. Children have to sell themselves

Radical Islamist preacher Zakir Naik, known for harbouring medievalist views and courting controversies, said that Masturbation is not Haraam

Farmers organized a massive tractor rally on Republic Day to protest against the newly passed farm bills. Protesters broke barricades

A statement has come from the new government of America which has left anti-India China and Pakistan in shock. The US has recognised India

In an interview to the YouTube channel, “Defensive Offence”, senior Indian journalist from Kashmir, Aarti Tikoo Singh has recalled

People took out a rally in Sann in Jamshoro in the Sindh province of Pakistan seeking global intervention for creation of Sindhudesh

British Hindu organisations have urged UK PM Boris Johnson urging him to take immediate action over Pakistan's rampant persecution of Hindus

Pakistan has finally admitted that India conducted an aerial strike at a terror training centre in Balakot, leaving 300 terrorists dead.