The meeting, which took place at Moldo, just opposite to Chushul, started at 11:30 am (IST), kept going on for about 11 hours, even as arrangements are being made for a diplomatic de-escalation between the countries.

The Sino-Indian Himalayan conflict caused a double digit casualty on both sides. This pushes a question to light. If a war breaks out between India and China, which countries will stand against China?

Eleven thousand eight hundred migrant laborers left their homes in Jharkhand for Ladakh. They will work for Border Road Organization, (BRO) to construct roads along the LAC.

Pakistan wants its neighbors to believe, although not explicitly, but through their actions, that only Pakistan has the mechanisms to remedy the situations in Kashmir

Jews have had to face the far end of the stick in terms of existential and civilizational extinction multiple times in every millennium since the inception of Abrahamic epistemology and religiosity from the age Moshe in Pharaonic Egypt