A Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, who has produced a web series Patal Lok, streaming from Amazon Prime,

The first week of this New Year has brought before us a devious drama enacted by a group of students at JNU. The news spread like wildfire in no time.

Salil Gewali Book great minds on India to be translated into German by a scholar from Germany – Caroline Hagen.

Their minds are weighed down by the heavy load of prejudices. They are almost like spoilt brats kicking their parents and smashing their own household furniture.

What a big irony that the evils of intolerance, dogmatism and hatred explosively originate from the holy altar of religions! Now the world should fear the religious fanatics more than humane atheists. Moreover, if we dig deeper, we shall find the causes of such bloody hostility lies in the misinterpretation of GOD and the holy books we are following.