Viral video: school guard gets facial massage from girl students in UP Govt school

A video from Uttar Pradesh has gone viral on social media, showing the school guard of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Awasiya Vidyalaya in Shamli getting a facial from the students. This incident has led to a complaint being filed against the guard, and the police are taking action in the matter.

The viral video has been shared on Instagram. In this video, a guard comfortably sits in a chair while a schoolgirl applies cream to his face and massages it. Since then, this video has gone viral on social media. A complaint has been filed against the guard and further investigation is going on. Schools are for the education of children, and after seeing such a scene, everyone felt offended a lot.

Schools are for education and not for such types of activities. School authorities are responsible for keeping an eye on all the workers in the school department and preventing such activities from happening in the school. This will not only spoil the environment of the school education system but such activities will have a bad impact on the students. The future of children is in danger in schools with such an environment. Such activities should be prevented through strict action.

Instagram handle Breaking Baba has shared the viral video. After watching the video, it has become a topic of discussion on social media, viewers are sharing various reactions while expressing their views. This incident also raises the question of whether the school administration is managing its duties towards the children in the right way or not. Such incidents can also affect the psychology of children and affect their future.

Some people are watching the video as fun, while many people are expressing objections and strongly condemning it. A user writes, ‘The students are not minor, they could have raised their voice for their dignity.’

Another user jokingly writes, ‘At gunpoint.’

Another user wrote, ‘Who knows what he might have done with these girls. Action should be taken as soon as possible.

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