“You look handsome in your photos, but ugly in real life” Bride returns Barat from her home

Marriage is a sacred bond, for which everyone has many dreams and hopes. But, sometimes some such incidents happen which shocks everyone. One such case was seen recently in Gwalior when a bride refused to marry after seeing the groom’s complexion, with the result that appeared like something out of a movie.

According to other sources, the bride refused to do the wedding ritual of Jai Mala saying that she did not like the groom. When the girl saw the groom’s face during the wedding rituals, she refused to marry. She also accused the groom’s side that the photo shown to her at the time of confirming the marriage was filtered from the phone in which the complexion was bright but in reality it is dark.

This decision of the bride created a stir in both families. The family members and relatives tried a lot to make the bride change her decision. Both sides tried a lot to convince her, but the bride remained adamant about her stubbornness. She clearly said that she would not marry a groom whom she did not like.

This isn’t the first case of a bride or groom refusing to marry in the middle of the wedding ceremony. Many similar incidents have occurred before. Marriage is a bond that requires mutual consent from both parties. If both the bride and groom ensure their agreement before the ceremony, such unexpected situations can be avoided.

The news of this case is the center of discussion on social media. The video has been shared by Instagram handle Navjoshbharat. After watching the video, users shared many types of reactions. People are discussing and arguing about this incident in different ways. Some say that this decision of the bride was right, while some are calling it inappropriate. Some argue that such incidents highlight the importance of honesty and transparency in matrimonial arrangements. They emphasize the need for truthful representation to avoid misunderstandings and heartbreaks.

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