“Tu mere pas aa tujhe batata hu kaun hai Radha” Premanand ji Maharaj replies to Pradeep Mishra

Recently, the controversy regarding Radha Rani has created a stir among all the saints. Premanand Maharaj and famous bhajan singer Pradeep Mishra are seen as the main roles in this controversy. Premanand Maharaj has become angry at this statement of Pandit Pradeep Mishra. He said clearly that Kubreshvar Dham is open for all, and whoever wants proof can come here and see for themselves.

In a recent video, Pandit Pradeep Mishra said ” Radha Rani’s name is not among the 16 thousand queens of Krishna, and there is no name of Krishna in the name of Radha’s husband. Radharani was not from Barsana village but from Rawal village. Barsana She used to come once a year, hence its name was Barsana. Premanand Maharaj has become angry about this statement.

Premanand Maharaj said in his clear words, ” Which Radha are you talking about, you do not even know Shri Radha ji yet, if you know then there will be a conversation with tears. If you don’t say anything about Shri Radha Ji, you will not be able to know about her powers. If you want to know Radha Rani, sit in front of me, Kubereshwar Dham is open to everyone, and whoever wants proof, can come there and see for themselves. If you want to know the essence of Radha Rani, then come and sit in front of me, you will know. Sit with faith and belief, we will not say anything, you will know Ladli Ji from every pore.

Premanand Maharaj has also told people that if people listen to the story of such hypocrites who do not know Bhagwat or Radha Rani’s life, then they will also go to hell. Premanand Maharaj asked Pradeep Mishra to come to Radha Rani temple in Barsana and apologize for his mistake and not repeat such a mistake in any Bhagwat Katha in the future.

After watching the viral video, users also shared many types of reactions. This controversy has become a topic of widespread discussion in the religious community. Many religious leaders and organizations have come out in support of Premananda Maharaj and asked Pradeep Mishra to withdraw his statements and maintain religious harmony.

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