Sonakshi Sinha’s Mangal Sutra and Sindur is missing just after 3 days of her marriage

Celebrations of Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s marriage are still going on. Even after the marriage, the couple along with their family and close friends still enjoys and celebrates each day. Every day, a photo or video of some celebration appears on social media. Recently, just a few days after the marriage, a controversy has come to the fore.

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal got married on 23 June. When Sonakshi reached her reception after the marriage, she was wearing a red colored saree and sindoor in her maang. Sonakshi’s look was very spectacular. But recently, a photo of Sonakshi Sinha after marriage surfaced on social media, and the users were shocked and there was a stir.

In the viral photo, Sonakshi can be seen in a pink-colored outfit. She has tied her hair. Zaheer is also seen with her. Users are shocked that this picture was taken 3 days after the marriage in which Sonakshi’s Mangalsutra is missing, Sindoor is missing and the red Chura is also missing. After seeing this look, users are criticizing a lot and sharing various types of reactions.

This viral picture has been shared by the Twitter handle ‘jaipurdialouges’. There is a lot of commotion on social media after seeing the picture. Twitter handle jaipurdialougues shared this post and wrote in the caption, “Just 3 days after the marriage, Sonakshi Sinha has no Mangalsutra, No Sindoor, No Chura in hands. To fool Hindus, they’ll say she hasn’t converted. But she’ll be a Crypto-Muslim going forward. Expect Hijab images soon.”

A user writes, “Who are you to give an opinion on her personal life choices?”

Another user wrote, “As per Muslim personal law, Sonakshi Sinha’s marriage is not valid (to a Muslim) unless she converts to a Muslim. If she does not, she is like a mistress.”

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