Shocking video: boyfriend stabs girlfriend’s father to death in front of her

A disturbing video has surfaced from Vijayawada that has gone viral on social media. The footage captures the harrowing moment when a man brutally stabbed his girlfriend’s father in her presence. Reports indicate that the motive behind this heinous act stemmed from the father’s disapproval of their relationship, prompting the lover to resort to such a drastic and criminal measure.

This case is from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The video of the alleged incident was shared on social media by Twitter handle Telugu Scribe. In the viral video, the girl is screaming and stopping her lover but the lover brutally murdered her father. This incident is quite heart-wrenching.

According to online reports, the killer in the video has been identified as physical education teacher Sivamanikanth. He is seen killing grocery store owner Mr. Ramachandra Prasad in Brindavan Colony in front of his engineering student daughter Darshini.

Manikantha was hiding under a tree waiting for Prasad and Darshini when they returned home on a scooter from their store. The school teacher then started stabbing Prasad repeatedly with a knife even as Darshini tried hard to intervene and stop the attack. The killer stopped only when locals rushed to the spot after hearing the woman’s screams.

Manikanta fled after injuring Prasad, who later died in a private hospital. An examination of his body was then conducted at a government hospital. Manikanta had threatened Darshini to prevent her from sharing their footage on social media. Despite objections from Prasad, Darshini and Manikanta continued their relationship for four years since meeting on Instagram.

According to reports, the police have secured the crime scene and have begun investigations. Manikantha has been arrested and taken into custody. Currently, authorities are investigating the circumstances of the murder while Darshimi’s family copes with this tragic loss. This case is extremely horrifying.

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