“If Indian laws have any sympathy for men, please punish my killers” last message of man before suicide

Recently, a shocking suicide case has come to light from Gwalior. Storyteller Dharmendra Jha allegedly took this action after being tortured by his wife and hanged himself. Dharmendra Jha made a video, which he sent to his brother before suicide. A video featuring Dharmendra Jha raising concerns about legislation designed specifically for women is quite viral on social media.

According to online sources, Dharmendra Jha made a video on Friday at 6:30 am before his death. In this suicide video, he said that he has been very upset. Even after marrying twice, he is being harassed badly by both the wives. He accused his wife, saying she had stopped my work for one and a half years. Only I know what I have suffered in the last year. Now I have been defamed, everything has been taken away from me.

In the video, which he made before suicide, he has also made a demand from the law. He said that I demand from the law that it should also open its eyes to men. I was released but I was also insulted. Today so many laws have been made for women due to which women are misusing them. The law acquits me but what about my ruin? The law has given so much freedom to women that they can easily trap any man.

According to the police, Dharmendra Jha has blamed both his wives for his death because both of them tortured him a lot. Before committing suicide, Dharmendra Jha asked the law in the video to open its eyes to men and demanded the harshest punishment whose responsible for his death. The police are investigating the matter. The police said that Dharmendra Jha’s first case was related to his death. A video has surfaced which is being investigated. After investigating the video, further action will be taken based on its authenticity.

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