Black boy going viral as he has a fair girlfriend, internet reacts

A video has recently gone viral on social media, sparking considerable reactions from netizens. In the video, a young boy is seen declaring that an older girl is his girlfriend as they stand together. What’s causing a stir is the contrast in their skin tones—the boy has a darker complexion while the girl has a very fair complexion.

The viral video has been shared by Instagram handle Parveen Chhokar, on which he has reacted with a lot of funny content and the video is being liked a lot. In the video, the minor boy proudly displays his possessions, stating, ‘Hello guys how are you all, I have an iPhone, a car Thar, and a girl too. What do you have?’  Responding to this, Parveen humorously remarks, I have a sulphaz pill, in the wheat container, As soon as it’s empty, that pill is my first bite.”

After watching the viral video, users also made fun of it and trolled it a lot. Similar content can be seen a lot on social media and many such videos often go viral on social media. We cannot confirm how much truth is there in this video, such videos may be made only for entertainment and fame.

After watching the video, users flooded the comments section with funny comments supporting Parveen Chhokar’s reaction video. A user writes, ‘I have a phone to watch your reels and two eyes to cry.’

Another user writes, ‘I feel very ashamed of myself after seeing all this.’

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