Biggest online scam ever, Seller puts stone inside Paneer to increase the weight

Online shopping is growing rapidly, but a series of recent Biggest-scale scams related to online purchases have shattered customer trust. A viral video on social media depicted a shocking incident involving a woman who ordered paneer online.

After watching this video, your faith in online delivery will be lost. The woman had ordered 5 Kg paneer online. The delivery boy delivered the paneer. While cooking, the woman tried to cut the paneer but it could not be cut from the middle. After this, the woman took the help of her husband. When the paneer was cut after a lot of effort, a big stone came out from inside it. Seeing this, both were shocked. And the husband shared the video of this incident on social media.

A video exposing a shopkeeper who added a large stone to increase the weight of paneer from 2 kg to 5 kg has shocked people online. The person shared this video online to make people aware. People were shocked after watching it. Similar cases of fraud, have been seen on social media. Recently, a topping of a human severed finger was found in an ice cream, its video also went viral on social media.

Cases of online fraud and fake products are increasing rapidly, weakening customers’ confidence. In such a situation, customers should be cautious while shopping online and buy only from trusted websites. It is also important to make society aware by reporting such incidents.

Instagram handle Srishti Shukla has shared the viral video. After watching the video, users have shared many types of reactions in surprise and some people are also making fun of it. A user writes, ‘There is a lot of scamming online, people should keep the packaging in a transparent way which is visible and after opening it, it should be shown open.’

Another user writes mockingly, ‘They have ordered a stone, it came in thermocol packing.’

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