UP to close illegal Madrasas for this reason

Illegal madrasas can be closed in Uttar Pradesh. SIT investigated to identify illegal madrasas. The SIT (Special Investigation Team) investigating illegal madrasas has presented a smooth proposal to the government in its report. According to this report, the SIT has recommended the closure of about 13000 madrasas.

Most illegal madrasas are located on the Nepal border. It was revealed that funds were coming from Gulf countries to madrasas in 7 districts including Maharajganj, Shravasti, and Bahraich. Also, these madrasas did not give details of income and expenditure before the SIT. The Yogi government can take further action based on the SIT report.

According to media reports, the SIT has expressed apprehension that the money collected under terror funding was used for the construction of madrasas. This money was sent here. The SIT investigation claimed that the madrasa operators had constructed it with donations. However, no information about the donations could be given to the SIT.

Orders were issued to investigate the funding of madrasas in UP. SIT was formed to investigate the suspicious madrasas. The madrasas were investigated from every angle by the SIT. Many shocking things came to light in the SIT investigation. The SIT learned that most of the suspicious madrasas were funded abroad. Also, it was claimed that anti-national activities were being carried out in these madrasas.

Madrasa is an institution that promotes Islamic education and culture. These institutions are established especially for the study of Islamic theology, the Arabic language, and the Quran. Madrasas are usually run to fulfill religious and educational purposes in Muslim communities. But these days madrasas are being used less for education and more for illegal activities. Therefore, the Yogi government has ordered the investigation of such illegal madrasas to be conducted by the SIT.

Users have shared various reactions after getting information about this matter on social media. A user writes, ‘In Shahganj of Jaunpur of UP and Kama of Bharatpur district Rajasthan near Sunehra village, several Islamic institutions can be seen funded from outside.’

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