Gurugram middle class man pays 45 thousand electricity bill, goes viral

Recently, a post from Gurugram went viral, in which a man shared a shocking story about his recent electricity bill. CEO Jasvir Singh shared a screenshot of his two-month electricity payment through Paytm, which showed a bill of Rs 45,491 paid on May 24. Along with this, he wrote in the caption, “Paid the electricity bill, now thinking of switching to candles.”

After seeing the viral post, social media users were shocked by the cost of the electricity bill. No middle-class family can afford such high electricity expenses. This led users to express their surprise. Electricity is commonly used more in everyday life because most household appliances now run on electricity.

The more the facility, the more it has to be paid, there is a facility for various types of electrical equipment, whose daily use increases the electricity bill. Electricity rates have also increased more than before. And this has forced people to think about how much electricity they are using and how it can be reduced.

After seeing the viral post, users have been surprised and have shared many types of reactions. Even a bill of 5 to 10 thousand rupees is significant if you use electrical appliances beyond the limit, but a bill of 45 thousand rupees is quite shocking, and for a middle-class family, even the thought of such an electricity bill will shock them.

User comments, “Get solar installed, We got it 3 years ago and are damn satisfied with our almost zero bill now; in this AMD city heat of 40-45.”

Another user jokingly comments, “Meanwhile me struggling to pay my 2k bill.”

Another user writes, “Are you running a shopping mall in your home with centralized AC bro?”

Another user writes, “This month’s electricity bill feels like they have charged you for the street lights too.”

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