“Om Prakash got my gender changed and genitals removed” Mujahid accuses his friend

A shocking incident has surfaced in Muzaffarnagar. A man named Mujahid has accused Om Prakash of arranging a gender change surgery without his consent. This case has shocked the entire city, raising numerous concerns. Allegedly, Dr. Farooqui at the hospital executed the surgery, removing Mujahid’s genitals. However, the hospital has released a video showing Mujahid giving his consent for the procedure.

Online reports claim that Mujahid said Om Prakash compelled him to visit the same hospital and had his surgery procedure done without his consultation. Upon discovering Mujahid’s accusations, those affiliated with the ‘Bharatiya Kisan Union’ publicly endorsed him. On Wednesday, June 19, they demonstrated and demanded action against Om Prakash and Dr. Farooqui.

The medical institution published a video showing Mujahid giving his approval for the procedure after he made these claims. He freely expressed his desire to get gender transition surgery. As he was informed of all the surgical risks, Mujahid stated in the video that he wanted to change his gender. Furthermore, he said that he knows he won’t be the same following this surgery.

In video, Mujahid emphasized that he chose to have the surgery without any coercion and that he is neither mentally sick nor under any duress. Furthermore Mujahid’s voluntary participation in the procedure. None of the medical staff, physicians, nurses, or anyone else involved will be held accountable if something goes wrong during this time. “I accept full responsibility,” he declared.

The Medical College’s CMS Kirti Goswami reveals Mujahid has been visiting the plastic surgery department for the past one to two months. After several tests, he voluntarily chose to have gender change surgery. Dr. Raza Farooqui of the hospital did his surgery.

Although the upcoming update is impossible to predict, there has been a lot of discussion about this occurrence among the public. The truth of what transpired won’t be revealed until after a police inquiry and judicial proceedings.

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