Beware, 94% pickpockets caught in Delhi metro trains were women

Incidents of pickpocketing have been increasing in the Delhi Metro. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has compiled the figures for this case. According to the figures, 94% of the pickpockets caught in metro trains are women. This fact is not only surprising but also shows how women are getting involved in this illegal activity. Be cautious of suspicious women passengers while traveling in Delhi Metro.

According to various media reports, women pickpockets often carry kids with them to disappear into crowds, making it easier for them to commit theft and escape unnoticed. A senior official mentioned that there is a particularly clever gang of women pickpockets who use this tactic. By either carrying kids or engaging with the crowd, they ensure that their intentions remain unsuspected.

The increasing number of women pickpockets in the metro network is a matter of concern for security agencies including CISF as similar figures were reported last year as well. Last year, 466 pickpockets were caught, of which 421 were women. CISF and Metro Police run special campaigns against them from time to time.

Due to the rise in female pickpocket activity in the metro, the CISF has deployed female officers without uniforms. The Delhi Metro has implemented several measures to enhance passenger safety. The number of CCTV cameras at metro stations and on trains has been increased. Additionally, the presence of security personnel has been boosted. Passengers are being advised to stay vigilant about their belongings and to promptly report any suspicious activities to the police or metro officials.

These criminals usually board the metro from non-crowded stations and get down at crowded stations. They take advantage of the large number of passengers. Some of them also roam on the platform to hand over the stolen goods to another member of the gang. In 2018, an average of about 40 female pickpockets were caught every month, with mobile phones and laptops on top of the list of stolen items.

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