Kashmiri Muslim keeps the Reasi terrorists in his house for Rs.6,000

The Reasi terror attack case has yielded significant progress for the Jammu and Kashmir Police. Police in this instance have taken Reasi resident Hakimdeen into custody. In front of the Police, Hakimdeen admitted his crime. On social media, the accused’s arrest video is becoming widely shared.

SSP Mohita Sharma of Reasi district stated that a man named Hakimdeen admitted to aiding terrorists as a guide, sheltering them in his home, and being present during the attack, where he heard gunfire. Post-attack, he escorted the terrorists out of the area.

Hakimdeen also said that the terrorists came to his house three times on different occasions. The terrorists stayed at his home a day before the incident. He told about three terrorists. During the recce of the spot before the attack, he ensured that no CCTV could capture him or the terrorists. The terrorists had given him Rs 6000 for this help.

This terrorist attack happened when Narendra Modi was taking oath in Delhi. The terrorists targeted a bus of devotees going from Shivkhodi to Katra. As soon as the terrorists stopped the bus, the driver realized that the people seen in army uniforms were terrorists. When the terrorists asked the driver and conductor to get the devotees out, they showed understanding and moved the bus forward, due to which the terrorists got angry and shot both of them. Meanwhile, the bus fell into the ditch. The terrorists kept firing on the bus that fell into the ditch. In this incident, 9 people died and more than 30 were injured.

After watching the viral video, users shared various types of reactions. A user wrote, ‘Terrorism never happens without support from local Muslims we keep on saying Pakistan sponsors it the fact is enemies are within India.’

Another user writes, ‘When are Hindus and BJP gonna realize that the problem is not with individuals but in their theology, their book, their planned well-connected mosque grids?’

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