Kamal Khan celebrates Eid without killing animals, “I don’t believe in butchering innocent animals”

The festival of Eid is an important religious occasion for the Muslim community, in which animals are sacrificed on the occasion. However, many celebrities are against sacrifice. Meanwhile, Kamal Rashid Khan alias KRK, who is always in controversies due to his statements and posts and calls himself a critic, has also given a big statement about ‘Bakra-Eid’.

KRK is extremely active on social media and also makes a lot of headlines with his posts. Additionally, KRK, who calls himself a film critic, has posted a post about the festival of ‘Eid al Azha’ or ‘Bakra-eid’, which has angered many users. However, some have also supported him. KRK has written in his post, “Because I feel that if I get the reward only by taking the life of an animal, then I do not want such a reward! And anyway, nobody knows about heaven and hell!”

Kamal Khan believes that the real meaning of Eid is to spread happiness and peace, not to kill innocent animals. Furthermore, this is not the first time that KRK has made a controversial statement on social media. He often remains in the headlines for his statements on Instagram and Twitter. Due to this, he was trolled various times but KRK does not care about criticism. He has even targeted Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan i.e. Salman Khan. However, he has also praised Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan to Akshay Kumar.

KRK had appealed to celebrate bloodless Eid ul Azha in another post. He wrote in his post, “I do not sacrifice any animal on “Eid-ul-Azha”! Let’s celebrate bloodlessly.” After seeing the post, users shared many types of reactions.

A user writes, ‘I was your fan before too, but now I have become your bigger fan.’

Another user writes, ‘I know you are a good man with a good sense of humor.’

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