Guy tried to insult Anand Mahindra by posting a negative tweet, the billionaire came up with an apt reply!

Anand Mahindra is one of the most loved and most admired personalities in every nook and corner of the country. The highly successful entrepreneur is also quite active on the micro-blogging Twitter platform. Now and then, the most famous businessman comes up with exciting or catchy tweets to engage with his fans and followers on social media.

From posting Monday motivation stuff to expressing his opinions, the Twitter fraternity has seen it all. At the same time, he never shies away from giving befitting or epic replies to the haters on social media.

Anand Mahindra's epic response to troll's 'trash cars' comment goes viral

We have repeatedly seen that Mahindra has a knack for shutting the critics with classy and bossy replies. On the other hand, he also has an incredible sense of humour, something that the netizens would love to the core.

Anand Mahindra’s epic response to troll’s ‘trash cars’ comment goes viral

Anand Mahindra’s response to a tweet criticizing his cars for not being able to match up with Japanese or American vehicles has caught a lot of attention online. The business magnate reposted the critical tweet on X and expressed his gratitude for the scepticism, noting that such critiques drive his motivation.

It all began with Anand Mahindra’s tweet introducing the new Mahindra XUV 3XO. While replying to the post, an X user, Arnav Srivastava, wrote, “Your cars can’t compete with Japanese or Americans in their own land. Enjoy import substitution policies while they last. Mahindra will disappear as tariffs get reduced. Trash cars.”

In reply, the industrialist wrote, “Thank you for your scepticism. It only fuels the fire in our bellies. I was told exactly the same thing when I joined the company in 1991. Global consultants advised us to exit the industry”.

Furthermore, he added, “We were told the same thing when Toyota and other global giants in the UV space entered India. But we’re still around. Every day is a fight for survival. And we relish it. We hope to be around for the next 100 years, still fighting—every single day—for your approval”.