“Girls offer their body to producers in film industry, nobody rapes them. A thousand girls happily sleep with them”, says Rakhi Sawant

Recently, famous Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant has once again shocked everyone by making a controversial statement about Bollywood. She said that there are no rapes in the film industry, girls have physical relations with producers of their personal choice, and no one forces them. She says that thousands of girls happily sleep with producers. This statement of Rakhi Sawant is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

The video has been shared by Instagram handle Sneha. In the video, Rakhi Sawant claims that there is no rape in Bollywood, girls have physical relations with producers of their personal choice to become heroines. Rakhi Sawant says, ‘Everyone will say that I am saying this being a woman, yes I am saying it because this is the reality. Thousands of girls come in a day, God knows where all are they come to become heroines.

She further says, ‘They don’t have to audition, they don’t have to learn acting, they don’t have to learn dance, they don’t have to learn anything, they come with proper beauty and demand work and showing body shaming inappropriately. To become a heroine, they go to any extent, many girls even blackmail, record videos, and blackmail the producers throughout their lives.

This video clip is from a podcast interview of Rakhi Sawant in which Bollywood is being discussed. This statement of Rakhi Sawant is once again looking at the issue of the casting couch and sexual exploitation in the film industry. Rakhi Sawant directly said that it is the girls’ wish and no one forces them to do it.

After watching the viral video, users agreed with Rakhi Sawant’s claim and supported her. Users shared various types of reactions, and the comment section of the video is full of people supporting Rakhi Sawant. Users say that although Rakhi Sawant has harshly revealed this, but it’s true.

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