UPSC aspirant denied entry, her mother faints at the gate “They ruined her one year”

In an extremely heartbreaking video that has surfaced on social media, a candidate who had come to take the UPSC exam was not allowed to enter the exam center in Gurugram because she arrived late. Her mother faints at the entrance, and the father is seen as extremely sad and in pain. This heartbreaking video is going viral on the internet.

The clip shows the mother and father crying in pain outside the entrance of the exam center. In the video, the candidate is seen consoling her father while the father keeps cursing the officials for stopping her from taking the exam. “Papa! Drink water. Why are you doing this? we will give it next time. The girl can be heard saying emotionally.

Her ability and determination should be respected. She’s showcasing her strength for her parents even in this condition. Preparing for an exam for months and not being able to take the exam due to not getting an entry due to being late by a few minutes at the examination center is a very sad thing for an aspirant.

As the father regrets, “We’ve lost a whole year,” his daughter boldly reassures him in the video, saying, “It’s okay, Papa. We still have time.” Meanwhile, her mother, clearly furious, refuses to leave and waits impatiently to be let inside. The father also consoles to his daughter.

The viral video has been shared by the Twitter handle Sakshi. Viewers have shared various reactions after watching the video.

A user writes, ‘Heartbreaking to see her mother like this, but the girl should have been more careful. Staff are bound by strict protocol any lacunae here and there can jeopardize the whole process.’

Another user wrote, ‘Even though I attended the exam yesterday, they allowed me in after 9 AM too. But for some colleges, it depends on the type of principal present. He allowed candidates till 9:25 AM and closed the gate afterward. He was kind.’

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