Indian jeweller sells a Rs. 300 item for ₹6 crore to American tourist

Recently, a big scam has been revealed in Jaipur which is very shocking. This scam happened with US tourist Cherish when she was sold a simple piece of jewellery worth Rs 300 for Rs 6 crore by claiming it to be unique and precious. The American woman displayed this jewellery in an exhibition where she found out that the jewellery was fake.

Online reports claim that US citizen Cherish purchased this jewellery at Jaipur’s well-known Johri Market. Cherish’s accusations regarding the fake jewellery were disregarded when she visited Jaipur and addressed Rajendra Soni, the shop owner, and his son Gaurav. Cherish made a complaint against the proprietor of the store. Out of revenge, the accused filed a false case against her.

Disturbed by these incidents, Cherish sought help from the US Embassy. Following the embassy’s intervention, the Jaipur Police started an investigation and discovered a fake jewellery scam. The father and both involved in the fraud are currently missing, while the individual who issued the fraudulent certificates has been arrested.

“Investigation revealed that the accused had sold gold polished silver jewelry worth Rs 300 to the foreign woman for Rs 6 crore,” said Bajrang Singh Shekhawat, additional deputy commissioner of police for North Bengal. She had also received an authenticity certificate from them. The fraudulent certificate’s issuer, Nand Kishore, has been taken into custody. In the C Scheme neighborhood of Jaipur, the accused just purchased a property for Rs 3 crore. To find and apprehend the accused who has absconded, special teams have been assembled. There is now an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Such nefarious activities will affect foreign tourists. This is a big blow to the Indian tourists. Businessmen need to operate their business with honesty and integrity so that the trust of foreign tourists remains and India’s name remains bright on the world stage.

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