German automobile company Mercedes to invest 3,000 cr in Maharashtra

Mumbai: German automobile manufacturer Mercedes Benz, renowned for its premium cars across the world, has committed to making a huge investment in Maharashtra. The investment is worth Rs 3,000 crore in total, through which the company has promised to contribute to the state’s industry investment.

During his visit, Minister Samant held discussions with senior officials of Mercedes Benz and explored various investment opportunities in the state. According to Samant, this investment will have a significant economic impact, as he stated on social media platform X. “Mercedes Benz is investing Rs 3,000 crore in Maharashtra this year. This will create employment in the state.” He said.

This strategic move is expected to boost the image of the Shiv Sena-BJP-NCP coalition government ahead of the upcoming assembly elections. The administration has been facing criticism from opposition parties that Maharashtra is losing major industrial projects to other states, especially Gujarat.

In addition to significantly boosting the state’s industrial sector, Mercedes-Benz’s investment is expected to reaffirm Maharashtra’s appeal to global investors. This major investment by Mercedes-Benz is expected to be in operational excellence, export training, and technology units. This investment can also prove to be important to boost local production and enhance the brand’s strength in the Indian market.

This investment is anticipated to create numerous job opportunities across various sectors and could significantly propel Maharashtra’s development. Moreover, consumers can expect superior quality and advanced technological features, enhancing their overall convenience. Therefore, Mercedes Benz’s substantial investment has the potential to catalyze a pivotal advancement in the automotive industry, benefiting not just Maharashtra but the entire nation as well.

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