West Bengal: TMC workers caught on camera casting fake votes in polling booth

A shocking incident has come to light during the election process in the constituencies of West Bengal, the video of which is going viral on social media. Some TMC workers have been caught on camera casting fake votes. This matter has caused a major stir and the political atmosphere there has become heated.

According to the viral video, some people are seen in the election polling station, out of which a person wearing a blue T-shirt can be seen casting fake votes from the EVM machine. It is also seen in the video that the camera is capturing this scene from a nearby spot. After this video, there has been a lot of stir in social media and politics. Some representatives of the TMC party have denied this matter, while the opposition parties are taking it seriously and discussing it.

Such incidents along the contour of the electoral process are very worrying, as it destroys the values of democracy. The Election Commission needs to seriously investigate this matter so that such incidents can be stopped and justice can be ensured in the electoral process. So far, there has been no official statement about this matter in West Bengal, but the incident is being widely discussed in the local media and people are criticizing it.

Instagram handle Anamika Patel has shared the viral video. The video has received millions of views and lakhs of likes so far. After watching the video, users were shocked and shared various reactions expressing their views on the elections.

One user wrote, ‘What is happening, now there is no constitution, democracy is in danger, where is the Indi alliance.’

Another user wrote, ‘Government should take action against the elections again.’

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