Controversial Woman gamer on youtube teaches how to rape a newly born baby

Recently, a video was seen on social media in which a Youtuber woman is accused of teaching her followers how to rape a newborn baby. The woman claims to be a gamer but her entire channel is full of such adult content. Strict action has been demanded against the women because such Obscene activities increase filth in society.

According to the viral video, the woman who claims to be a gamer has a channel named “Kuwari Begum”. In the video, the woman is teaching her subscribers how to rape a newborn baby. She can be heard saying, “Find a small child who is a newborn and has no teeth, ask her mother for permission, and tell her I am taking her to play with her. After this, you take that kid and do something. Just imagine a child without teeth, oh.”

The woman claims to be a gamer on YouTube but in reality, she is teaching her subscribers how to rape a child. Her entire channel is full of sexual content. Children around her are unsafe. Strict action should be taken against this and such vulgar channels should be permanently deleted. Twitter handle Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj has shared the viral video. The video has received more than 1 million views and about 10 thousand likes so far. After watching the video, users have shared various types of reactions.

A user wrote, “Horrible!! How can a woman talk like this that too on record? Should be arrested under POSCO Act”

Another user wrote, “What is she saying? Can’t believe a word of it. The kind of society we are living in and the kind of mentality people are having these days is chilling me to the bones. Worse with social media they are promoting it to everyone and degenerating the entire generation.”

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