Police go to collect a Floating deadbody in river, the body wakes up and walks

On social media, a startling Telangana video is becoming popular. In Telangana’s Warangal district, locals noticed a dead body floating in a pond and reported it to the police. When the police arrived, they attempted to remove the corpse from the water, but what they found next was very stunning. Social media users are enjoying this viral video.

In the viral video, a dead body was seen floating in a pond in Telangana. Locals informed the police about it, due to which the police reached there on time and started taking the body out of the water. The policemen hold the hand of the dead body and start taking it out of the pond. But then they were surprised when they found that the person was alive and was just cooling down inside the water. This person, wearing jeans and sitting without a shirt, was taken out of the water by a policeman. Policemen can also be seen laughing in the video.

A man in Nellore district was found lying in water for hours. Locals feared he was dead and informed police. Surprisingly, he was alive and explained he had been working long hours in a granite mine and entered the water to rest. Some on social media allege he was drunk. video rapidly going viral on social media.

The viral video has been shared by Sudhakar Udumula on Twitter. The video has received more than 60 thousand views and about 400 likes. After watching the video, the viewers were also shocked in the beginning but later everyone found it very funny. Viewers shared many types of reactions and there was a flood of comments. A user commented, “I am watching this video for the fifth time and laughing out loud.”

Another user wrote, ‘He was meditating for one week not knowing election results had already been declared.’

Another user wrote, ‘A drunkard never drowns!!’

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