Hospital asks patient to pay 8 Lakh, other hospital treated him only for 128 rs

A recent alarming incident has surfaced in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It involves Medanta Hospital, which allegedly charged Rs 8 lakh from a patient, whereas another hospital provided treatment for just Rs 128. A complaint letter has been filed against Medanta Hospital with Chief Minister Adityanath concerning this issue.

The complaint letter written by Mohan Swaroop Bhardwaj, a resident of Sushant Golf City, has gone viral on social media. Bhardwaj said that on May 23, 2024, at around 4.30 pm, he started feeling dizzy and started sweating profusely, after which his brother and wife took him to Medanta Hospital. At Medanta, Dr Mahim Saran and Dr Avnish (Cardiology) conducted angiography and other tests.

After the test reports were done Bhardwaj’s family was informed that the heart surgery procedure’s cost would be Rs 8 lakh. They were given a stark ultimatum: that the patient’s condition was critical. He cannot survive for long and arranges for money as soon as possible. Due to insufficient funds, they had only Rs 2 lakh in cash which made it difficult to get the treatment done.

Manoj Kumar, a friend of Bhardwaj, stepped in, clarifying that Bhardwaj’s condition stemmed from stomach bloating, not a heart issue. He requested the doctors to release Bhardwaj so he could seek treatment from Dr. Deepak Agarwal at Global Hospital. Despite Manoj’s plea, the Medanta staff allegedly behaved rudely and during the discharge, engaging in arguments with Bhardwaj’s family.

However, Bhardwaj was discharged and taken to Agarwal at Global Hospital at midnight. After examining Bhardwaj, Dr Agarwal prescribed a medicine worth Rs 125 and administered three injections. Bhardwaj felt better within two hours and was completely fine by the morning. In response to the viral letter, Medanta Hospital has claimed that the patient has fabricated this story. The hospital says that Bhardwaj had a heart blockage and they have all his medical reports including angiography as proof.

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