Will outsiders get extra chances in Bollywood? Kartik Aryan has his say!

Bollywood, like many other film industries worldwide, has often been criticized for favouring insiders, particularly those with family connections within the industry, which is known as nepotism.

The Hindi film industry relies heavily on networking. Those with family connections or relationships within the industry often have better access to auditions, roles, and influential figures who can advance their careers.

We all know that filmmakers may feel more comfortable working with actors they know personally or who come with strong recommendations from trusted sources. This can lead to a preference for insiders over unknown talents.

Will outsiders get extra chances in Bollywood? Kartik Aryan has his say!

Star kids and actors from film families often come with built-in publicity and media attention. Their lineage can be a selling point, making it easier to market films and generate buzz.

Those from film families often have access to better training and grooming from a young age, making them more polished and prepared for the industry when compared to outsiders who might lack such opportunities.

Will outsiders get extra chances in Bollywood? Kartik Aryan has his say!

In a candid conversation with DNA, Kartik Aryan revealed the challenges of being an outsider in Bollywood and discusses why actors often grapple with fear and anxiety as constant companions.

“You always feel the same. When you are from the outside, that fear remains, and it never goes away. You don’t get those extra opportunities. You have to make sure that this is my last film and I have to give my 200% here. If anything goes wrong in this, you’re gone.”

“That thought always remains. That was in the beginning, and is there now, and maybe will remain in the future too. I don’t think that thought will go away. I have now spent enough time in the industry and done enough films but it doesn’t leave you.”

Moreover, the actor emphasized that he harbors no resentment towards the “insiders,” referring to actors from film families.

“It’s not someone’s fault that he or she is born to a family that belongs to films,” he says, adding, “But that happens in this industry. If someone from my family makes a film, I can approach them. It’s not a wrong thing to do that. But those opportunities go sometimes and you have to make your own way,” he added.