Woman books cab and enjoyed riding for 12 hours, refused to pay ₹2000

A video of a woman arguing with police officers is going viral on social media. In the video, she can be seen refusing to pay money to a cab driver in Gurugram. Social media users are quite angry and confused after watching this video. This video has been recorded at Huda City Center.

According to the information, the woman was roaming in the cab for more than 12 hours from 10 pm to 11 am, after roaming she has been accused of not paying the bill of Rs 2000. As can be seen in the video, this accused woman is also shouting at the police.

Along with this, she is also seen arguing with a journalist present on the spot. The woman continues to argue and points her fingers at the officers in an abusive tone. A cab driver stands in the background in a distressed state, alleging that the female customer has refused to pay his dues.

Jyoti is the name of the woman. It is being told that Jyoti has already done this act with many cab drivers. It hails in cabs and creates a ruckus on the road when it comes time to pay. Not only this, she also threatens the cab driver to file a case of false harassment and molestation. This is a very heinous act, being a woman, she is misusing the law. Even the poor men were not spared.

Some people are also surprised that after travelling in a cab for 12 hours, how it cost only Rs 2000.

After watching the video, different reactions are being seen from the people. There is a demand for strict action against the accused.

A Twitter user comments, “She knows that she has powers, and even if she misuses no one can do anything”.

Another Twitter user writes, “Ideally she should be made to pay the penalty by driving the car as a driver. This will help her grasp the difficulty of earning money.

The other user suggests, “Immediate arrest and imposition of a substantial fine.”

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