Groom thrashed by villagers as they found he had worn a wig to hide his baldness

In the wedding pavilion, a groom was beaten and the marriage was broken in the middle. Actually, the groom was bald, he was wearing a wig of drain hair. According to the information, it has also been revealed that the groom was already married before and had come to the wedding pavilion to get married again. In addition, this video is becoming quite popular on social media.

This case pertains to the Bajaura village of the Dobhi region of Bihar. The bridegroom, despite being his first wife, went to get married for the second time. However, look at the misfortune of the groom, his secret got exposed even before the wedding. It appears after watching the video, the groom made a lot of effort for his second marriage. The groom is actually bald but for his wedding, he has come wearing a fake hair wig. However, his luck did not favor him, and this secret was also exposed in front of everyone.

When people come to know the truth about the groom, they became extremely angry and started beating him. Some people are also heard saying in the video, “Had it been in another village, something else would have happened”. The anger of the people was justified. Some people angrily started uprooting the groom’s wig, in this situation the groom was repeatedly falling down and apologizing to everyone with folded hands. But seeing the anger of the people, it does not seem that he will let him go easily. But meanwhile, many people were also defending the groom.

According to media reports, the groom hails from Iqbal Nagar. It is also a kind of crime to get married for the second time even after being already married. A police report should be lodged against this. Because such a person cannot be trusted, he can commit such crimes even further, which could ruin the girl’s life. The video of the incident has been obtained through Twitter.

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