With the help of Kamasutra and Park Avenue, this woman elevates her business to ₹100000cr

Nisaba Godrej took over the authority of GCPL in 2017 when the firm revenue was approximately ₹9,000 crores, which expanded to ₹12,366 crores in 2022. Godrej’s products are fairly popular in India, and it would not be wrong to say that Godrej products can be found in almost every household in India.

Godrej manufactures several products, including Godrej Good Knight, Cinthol soap, Cockroach Killer Hit, and many others commonly used. Recently, Godrej acquired Raymond’s products Kamasutra and Park Avenue.

In the general public, Nisaba Godrej’s net capital is not disclosed. However, she holds shares in four Godrej companies, which have a total value of ₹2,220 crores. In addition to that, as the Chairperson, she receives an annual salary of around ₹1.70 crores and other allowances from the company.

As a result, the enterprise portfolio has evolved stronger, and Nisaba Godrej is one name that has grabbed attention. She now operates Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) as a chairman. The Chairman of the Godrej Group’s daughter is Nisaba Godrej. The market value of GCPL is around 1,09,428 crores. When Nisaba Godrej assumed control of GCPL in 2017, the company’s profits were about 9,000 crores, and by 2022, they had increased to 12,366 crores.

To guide Godrej Consumer Products forward, Nisaba Godrej has made various changes in the organization. She has acquired new products, and the acquisition of KamSutra and Park Avenue is seen as a step in this direction. This deal was finalized at a value of approximately ₹2,825 crores, and the transaction is predicted to be completed by May 10.

In Mumbai,  Nisaba Godrej was born in 1978. She completed her schooling in Mumbai and pursued her undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, where she acquired a BSC degree. She completed her graduation in MBA degree from Harvard Business School. In 2013, she got married to Tribeca Developers’ founder Kalpesh Mehta. Zoran and Aidan are their two kids.

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