₹99 for girls, 1499 for boys- users react to the discriminatory charges at Speed dating event

Speed dating has become a common practice now. In major cities, several businesses host their own speed dating events. The idea is for people who have registered to attend and prioritize physical attraction over personality. In most cases, it’s a blind date, and you choose people based on your preferences and compatible options. Now, a similar event is scheduled to take place in Bangalore. However, what has shocked people is the significant difference in ticket prices for men and women.

A user named Ansh Agarwal shared on Twitter that male participants have to pay INR 1499 for the event, while female participants can enter with just INR 99. Tickets can be booked through the “Book My Show” platform, and the event details state, “Tired of swiping and texting? Join us in our social mixer to meet potential dates and friends in real life.

We have designed this event to enhance connections among the attendees, resulting in friendship, romance, and even marriage. It mentions that the program will include some “fun” icebreakers and speed dating games to initiate casual conversations and deeper relationships. It is mentioned that “fun” icebreakers and speed dating games will be included in this program to encourage casual conversations and deep connections.

The viral tweet sparked controversy among internet users. Here’s what people wrote:

One person mentioned, “What does this imply because the gender ratio will be skewed. ‘No implications? Obviously, the gender ratio will get messed up. It’s like the entry scene at clubs,” wrote a Twitter user.

Another person said, “Imagine if it were 99 for men too. It would mean there would be 1 woman for every 100 men. Reason: Women are less likely to try it out for various reasons.”

“When it’s free or cheap, it’s because you are the product. It perpetuates gender imbalances and undermines the value of genuine connections.” wrote another person. “It commodifies relationships, reducing them to economic transactions.”

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