This man topped UG NEET exam, became a teacher and built company worth ₹1000cr

Ananthu S’ company has made a major M&A deal with YouTuber Alakh Pandey, known as Physics Wallah (PW). AdTech giant company Byju’s is acquiring a 50% stake in Ananthu’s xylem Learning for 500 crore rupees. The acquisition will be completed within a period of 3 years.

Ananthu S established Xylem while studying MBBS at a government medical college in Alappuzha, Kerala. Despite clearing the medical entrance exam with a good rank, Ananthu chose the college, which allowed him to explore more premium institutions.

He started Xylem with just 3 employees and expanded it to over 300. Starting with NEET coaching, Ananthu’s company diversified into commerce and Kerala PSC exam preparation. Ananthu’s unique result-oriented program, called the “Hybrid Learning XYLEM Model,” influenced Alakh Pandey, leading to a multimillion-dollar deal.

xylem had appointed South Indian cinema megastar Mammootty as its brand ambassador. Mammootty also featured in advertisements for educational technology firms and launched his own learning app. xylem currently has 30 YouTube channels and 10 tuition centers, claiming to serve more than 3 million students who learn for free, with 130,000 students paying through online and offline modes.

Ananthu aims to take the company’s revenue to 300 crore rupees by the financial year 2024, which was 150 crore rupees in the fiscal year 2023. To achieve its revenue target, Ananthu plans to further expand Xylem’s reach and offerings. The partnership with Alakh Pandey, Physics Wallah, is a significant step in this direction. Alakh Pandey is a renowned YouTuber known for his engaging and simplified physics lectures, which have garnered a massive following among students preparing for competitive exams.

With the acquisition deal with Byju’s, xylem Learning will receive a substantial investment of 500 crore rupees over a three-year period. This infusion of capital will enable Xylem to enhance its infrastructure, develop innovative educational content, and expand its presence in new markets across India.

The “Hybrid Learning XYLEM Model” developed by Ananthu has been instrumental in Xylem’s success. This unique approach combines online and offline learning methodologies, providing students with a comprehensive and personalized educational experience. The model has been well-received, contributing to the company’s growth and attracting the attention of industry leaders like Alakh Pandey and Byju’s.

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