Dark side of Khan Gang in Bollywood- models exposes how girls are used for a small role

Kangana raised her voice against the Bollywood Khan gang and the Islamic gang, and now the truth behind it is starting to come out one by one. The world of Bollywood is as glittery as it is dark.

This kind of exploitation happens in the name of roles; something similar happened with Simran as well. But when producer-director Sajid Khan called her for a role, the entire truth of the Khan gang came out. Simran revealed this in an interview with News Nation.

According to Simran, Sajid Khan directly called her and invited her to his house for casting in the “Himmatwala” movie. When Simran reached Sajid’s house, she saw him in his sando and running on the treadmill. He directly asked her to come and sit in the bedroom to talk.

Their conversation started, and Sajid also asked her some questions about work. In the course of the conversation, he asked her to strip, to which Simran was shocked and refused, saying she wasn’t comfortable doing that. Sajid said, “No, as a director, it’s my right to see your entire body.” Simran firmly declined, and she told Sajid not to call her again, and she left.

After all this, Simran decided to expose Sajid Khan. She disclosed this to several people in the industry, but they told her that no one would listen to her, and no one would believe her.

Simran remained silent and didn’t take any action against Sajid Khan. However, when the #MeToo campaign emerged, she gained the courage to file a complaint. The Director’s Association conducted an inquiry, but Sajid Khan was easily let off, and he was banned for only a year.

According to News Nation, everyone in Bollywood knows about Sajid Khan’s stories, and how he attempts to molest new models under the pretext of offering them roles in movies. He asks them to strip or wear bikinis. Not only that, he calls them near the treadmill or in the bedroom in the name of auditions. A model named Dimple Paul also accused Sajid Khan of serious sexual harassment.

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