Her father gave A dowry of ₹7 crore, she dies after harassment and torture

The country once again faced a tragic incident that couldn’t forget. After Ayesha’s death in Gujarat, another girl in the country took her own life. Kolkata’s Rashika Jain jumped from the third floor of a building, ending her life. First Ayesha, now Rashika… though their names may be different, the reason for both deaths was the same – being fed up with her husband.

Before committing suicide, Rashika sent a message to her father’s phone number, which said:

“I tried to live here, but I can’t tolerate the abuse inflicted by them. It’s better if I die… Papa, don’t miss me.”

Shortly after the message, Rashika’s mother receives a call, informing her that their daughter has jumped from the third floor and taken her life. Rashika Jain, who lived in Alipore, Kolkata, was married to a businessman named Kushal Agarwal on February 9, 2020.

In this marriage, Rashika’s father also gave a dowry of 7 crore rupees. However, just a year after the wedding, conflicts started between Rashika and Kushal. after being fed up with Kaushal, who came to demand money from her father, Rashika left her in-laws’ home and returned to her father’s house.

Only a few days passed when Rashika’s in-laws requested her father to give her one more chance to the couple. Trusting them, her father sent his daughter back to her in-laws’ home, hoping that everything would be fine now. However, on February 16, Rashika’s father receives a message from his daughter on his phone.

The family rushes to the hospital, where they see their daughter wrapped in a shroud. After this, the blame game begins. The father claims that his daughter was killed by her husband, while Rashika’s in-laws claim that all the accusations against them and their son are baseless. Following this incident, the police registered a case of abetting suicide against Rashika’s in-laws, and the investigation has already begun.

Here’s the video below:-

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