“One more Nirbhaya like incident, Girl dies after beign thrown off moving bus”

The incident that occurred on the back seat of a bus in Delhi on the night of December 16th was a watershed moment in India’s history. It brought to the forefront the serious issue of rape and its prevalence in the country. The incident shook the nation to its core, sparking widespread outrage and calls for change. It was such a painful case that all those who made the public and government aware were in tears. After that, a long series of claims and promises to instill the fear of the law in culprits were made. An assurance was given to change the face, but alas, time has passed ever since and nothing has happened. Otherwise, the incident of December 16 would not have come up again in Moga, Punjab.

It was the night of December 16; this is the evening of the 29th of April. It was the Delhi-Jaipur highway. This was the path from Moga to Bathinda. Then the girl had boarded the bus with her friend; now a minor girl had boarded the bus with her mother and brother. In the bus of December 16, savages were aboard; in the bus of April 29, there were only devils in human attire. That girl was helpless on December 16th. On April 29, that unfortunate daughter, mother, and brother of Moga were all helpless. Different dates, different faces, different places—but the story of the heinous incident is almost the same. That is, December 16 in Delhi was replicated in Moga, Punjab.

It was dark on December 16 as well; it was dark even during the incident of April 29. The bus involved in the incident of December 16th was roaming in Delhi, its occupants were committing crimes against humanity. In the incident of April 29, the bus was travelling between two cities.

Hearing the story of December 16 caused the country to boil. And there is such a story about this brutality on April 29 that will give you goosebumps. This story is likewise not that different from previous one, but the difference to be noticed in the incidents of December 16 and April 29 is that the same bus on which the brutality was committed Some beasts were present in the guise of passengers

the rest of the bus was empty. The bus of December 16 was a minor transporter, but the relationship of the bus with Moga goes directly to those people who have the authority to control the whole Punjab government.

Therefore, let me start by explaining what happened on the Moga bus. A young girl, along with her mother and her brother, set out to go from one village to another. All three of them had to take a bus but that girl and her mother had no idea that trouble was already waiting on the bus they were going to board and that this journey was waiting for that innocent girl. It will be the last journey of her life. It was 5 in the evening, and the bus passengers were also very few. So, the bus then moves in the direction of Bhatinda with all three passengers seated inside. As soon as the bus crosses the city limits and comes onto the highway, it starts speeding. Suddenly, two boys in the bus do a strange act, seeing which all three, along with the mother and daughter, are horrified. They do not understand at all what is happening. All four miscreants start flirting with the girl and start threatening other passengers sitting together. Meanwhile, the bus reaches between the tolls, and mother and daughter start crying loudly for help. However, the bus driver and his buddy hunch their heads downward, choking their voices After paying the toll, the driver keeps driving the bus for about 5 km while the miscreants sitting behind keep misbehaving with the minor girl and her mother. The girl, who was badly hanged between the four demons, begs for mercy with folded hands, but the demons do not listen. The girl agonised with every injury and every heinous act, but none of them moved. This process of teasing and shouting continued like this for a while, and then suddenly, the bus driver turned and abruptly opened the hydraulic door.

And then those rascals pushed that innocent 13-year-old girl down from the bus. After throwing the girl from the bus, those miscreants also threw the girl’s mother from the bus and then went some distance away and made her brother get off the bus. The girl died after falling from the bus, while her mother was badly injured. The brother was so scared that he somehow managed to get close to his mother and sister, taking help from someone on the way. He informed his family about the incident first through his mobile phone and then to the police.

A murder attempt complaint under Section 302 has been registered. In addition to the three suspects named by the victim’s mother, the police believe the driver is also to culprit. So, there are therefore four people implicated in this case overall. As soon as the news of the incident is received, there is a stir in the police department, and the entire Amla is seen standing in the hospital. Meanwhile, the bus is taking over. A case has been registered against the bus conductor and his companions. Two other people were also arrested. But the police cannot save the Punjab government and the Badal family by bringing them under the scanner because the bus in which the incident took place is related to this government and the Badal family.

Let us inform you that this bus of Orbit Transport Company (PBIOCP1813) is the same bus whose maximum shares are found with the Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab, Sukhwinder Singh Badal. In the month of April last year itself, the Orbit Transport bus was accused of kidnapping the passengers of another bus company. It is also said that the buses of the Orbit company run erratically on the roads of Punjab. Not only this, but it is also said that the staff of Orbit buses attack the people. We are not saying that many such serious allegations are being levelled by the opponents of the government in Punjab.

According to legal experts, believe that in the incident that took place in Moga, from the driver of the bus to the conductor who molested the woman and her 13-year-old daughter, all are equally guilty. The owner of the bus is bound to raise any right question with the transport company as to why he did not keep his staff after checking. The country’s head is bowing in shame because of the scandal. Everyone wants the worst punishment possible to be meted out to the offenders.

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